The MotivBase Trends API is used by the Fortune 500 to track developments affecting the most important categories of their business. 

Give your business the contextual intelligence it currently lacks.

Our API serves as an early warning system for legacy businesses that are constantly affected by the changing expectations of consumers. It also serves as an early detection system for the identification of new innovation opportunities affecting existing and future lines of your business. 

The same way weather systems track the emergence of weather patterns, the Trends API tracks the emergence of new demand spaces by tracking the changing patterns of topics (or meanings) affecting a given search. For example, if our API is tracking sustainable food for you, it might identify the emergence of a demand space around indoor farming through the growing relevance of topics such as fresh produce, vertical farming, indoor farms, hydroponics etc. Furthermore, it will tell you how relevant this demand space is to sustainable food through the quantification of the core market size and maturity of these topics.


NOTE: This is something you will not be able to do on your own, or with any other provider because there's ten years of social sciences research and proven results backing our AI system and delivery model. 


A scalable way to protect your business without having to constantly deal with analysis paralysis.

The power of the MotivBase API doesn’t just lie in the early identification of new and emerging demand spaces or threats. It also lies in the quantification of the rate of change of these early signals, allowing us to gain critical perspective on timing and impact to our business.


The Trends API is built to be completely self-serve. It uses our AI Anthropologist to provide incredibly powerful discovery metrics so your business intelligence and insights team can get to powerful and relevant outcomes quickly and intuitively. Ofcourse, like our other products, it can also be purchased with support from our Ph.D. Concierge. For more information, contact us here.

How our Trends API works.

Once we define an area of focus for tracking, our machine gets to work and identifies the top topics (up to 20,000) that consumers relate to the focus of the search. These topics are organized based on their semantic distance to the search focus, which itself is reported for every single topic on a monthly basis. Remember, this semantic distance is calculated by our contextual mapping algorithm which allows us to understand the changing meanings that consumers inadvertently associate with your search focus over time.  

In addition to semantic distance, our algorithm also reports on each topic's core market (number of people that are interested in it) and maturity in the context of the search focus (how consistently consumers understand this topic in the context of the search). 

Further, our machine also categorizes the topics identified into patterns, and reports on the slope (linear regression) of each topic (semantic distance, core market, maturity). 

The net result is that you can extract insights from our data in a matter of hours rather than days and months, and identify opportunities and threats well before any social media analytics engine will ever catch it. 


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