Trend Reports are Industry-led. 

Only MotivBase identifies Consumer-led Trends. 

Our AI Anthropologist uses big data to uncover the real demand spaces behind emerging trends. We work with hundreds of companies to get them out of their “ivory” tower thinking. 

HERE's what you need to know

  •  Parity is the death of innovation. If you’re buying a trend report off the shelf, odds are your competitor is too. Plus you’re tailoring your business to a report, versus using MotivBase to tailor the report to your business. 

  • Outperform peers by 85% in sales growth. Companies that get the social sciences win in the marketplace. MotivBase merges groundbreaking social-science theory with an AI engine that understands context in big data to identify trends that drive more growth and profitability. 

  • Stop following. Start leading. Most trend reports follow what the industry thinks they know about what consumers want. Only MotivBase lets you explore the cultural universe of a trend, to get a consumer-first perspective. This leads to more unique demand spaces that deliver bigger insights.

See why MotivBase is trending with hundreds of clients. 


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