• Ujwal Arkalgud

Quantifying jobs-to-be-done: Introducing MotivBase Needs

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

After two years of development, we’re excited to announce the launch of MotivBase Evolve. Here’s the big idea in 89 words.

People inadvertently reveal their unspoken needs while reviewing products online. Companies are trying to tap into this in order to circumvent the flaws of traditional research methods and identify emerging need states and jobs-to-be-done with greater speed and accuracy.

We’ve built an AI Anthropologist that understands context, and is therefore able to uncover consumers' needs, and more importantly, quantify them based on the market potential for that need and the price consumers are willing to pay to solve that need.

In short, you can quantify jobs-to-be-done in minutes.

This is nothing short of a game changer. Why?

  1. It gives you the ability to quantify needs, and prioritize the right technical and brand-level investments.

  2. It allows you to identify jobs-to-be-done in minutes rather than months, and assign a numeric value to these ‘jobs’.

  3. It instantly identifies the unspoken motivations of the consumers driving a particular need state or a group of needs.

  4. It segments the marketplace based on needs rather than attitudes or demographics. That is, our algorithm instantly delivers a needs-based segmentation for any product or category or topic.

Like we did with MotivBase :Trends (our demand space/trend identification tool), we’re going to launch :Needs softly. That is, we’re going to open to door to 20 companies at first, and then gradually expand. This will allow us to pay special attention to the first set of clients and ensure that the technology is delivering on all fronts before we look to scale. If you’re interested in being a part of this 20, you can reach out my co-founder jason (at) motivbase.com. You can expect an initial conversation to determine fit. Obviously, we want to ensure that the first 20 are perfectly suited to Evolve so both parties can benefit.

Now, onto a quick demo -

Let’s say we want to conduct a quick analysis on baby shampoo and look for the jobs parents are trying to solve in relation to shampoo for their infants and toddlers.

We begin with a quick search for baby shampoo:

MotivBase Needs Dashboard: Instantly capture pain points

We’re presented with a visual graph of pain points around shampoo. The X axis represents market size, while the Y axis represents the price consumers are willing to pay.

First, we notice that the analysis comes from over 1700 threads of conversations across product reviews posted around 441 products. This gives us a sense of the sheer amount of data MotivBase's AI Anthropologist is able to crunch through to identify and cluster pain points to enable 'jobs' discovery.

Next, we click on fragrance (one of the pain points) to understand this need further.

We notice that it offers a price potential of 20.6% above average in the category and covers almost 40% of the baby shampoo marketplace. That is, 40% of the users of this product have this need. This tells us that we're looking at a highly valuable pain point in the context of baby shampoo.

So we take a look at the snippets of verbatim (under Phrases) to confirm what this need space really refers to in the eyes of the consumer. We discover that overwhelmingly parents want their kids' shampoos to be fragrance free. They feel the current smell is a bit too strong.

MotivBase Needs: AI powered jobs and pain point discovery tool

A further exploration of the related topics shows us specific areas of opportunity around the issue of fragrance. We discover that either parents want scent free shampoos or they want the shampoo to naturally deliver calming aromas to help the child relax, especially before bed time.

MotivBase Needs: Discover pain points and JOBS with AI and big data

Based on all this information, we begin the process of ‘spec-ing’ the job.

Parents are looking for shampoos that are fragrance free. They believe that this is not only healthier for their children, but also better for the caregiver as they don't have to breathe in the heavy scent everyday. They are open to natural aromas, especially those that offer calming benefits.

Of course, this is the result of less than 5 minutes of exploration in Needs. There’s so much more that can be done, with a bit of time and support from our PhD Concierge.

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