• Ujwal Arkalgud

Introducing MotivBase Trends 2.0

I'm excited to announce that starting January 2, 2020, you'll now see some really important changes and improvements to MotivBase Trends.


The biggest change is coming in the area of predictions.

Previously, we were restricted in our ability to make predictions beyond the two-year time frame with our bench-marked 80% accuracy rate. This of course restricted our ability to truly understand and distinguish trends and topics that were growing significantly, but just over much longer time frames. This has now changed. We've made significant breakthroughs in our ability accurately understand and predict future states in time frames of up to 5+ years. So starting Jan 2, you'll find more nuance in the predictions you see on MotivBase Trends.

It's important to understand that one of the reasons this took us some time to figure out is that our predictions now take 4 years of past data into account. Our previous algorithm examined two years worth of data. The addition of another two years has given our AI anthropologist a much deeper ability to understand the long term trajectory of topics and trends that don't exhibit clear short term signs of growth.

In addition to longer-term predictions, you'll now also see the identification of volatility. Our algorithm can now tell you if a certain trend is highly volatile, or if it has only recently begun to stabilize in growth. This additional nuance will provide important ways to understand especially those topics that have only recently begun to exhibit some stability.

The elimination of "addressable market" and the simplification of "core market".

After a lot of consistent feedback from all of you (our clients), we've decided to eliminate this metric. Why? It was a theoretical metric anyway and none of you really used it. Here's a support article that explains how core market and addressable market differ.

Furthermore, we also received consistent feedback that the term "core market" is confusing to those who may not have the context around what MotivBase does - leading to misinterpretation. For this reason, we took away the term. The calculation is still the same, it's just represented better as the maximum number of people a topic(s) is relevant to in culture.

A matter of convenience.

You no longer need to specifically click the prediction button and wait in order to get the results. Every single search automatically delivers the prediction results simultaneously.

Some other minor changes.

Lastly, you'll also notice some minor changes that make it easier for those of you who have both US and UK licenses to switch between the two. You'll also notice better performance overall as the system now is a lot more capable of processing a series of complex calculations very quickly. Of course, this part you'll likely notice a bit less in your day to day activities but it's an important improvement none the less.

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