• Ujwal Arkalgud

Improvements to our predictive engine

One of the most valuable pieces of feedback we've received in the last 7 months since launching MotivBase has been on our inflection index and predictive engine. For those of you who provided us this feedback, this will sound familiar.

Until now, our database didn't include an analysis of the products that relate to trends in culture. Which meant that when our engine analyzed the maturity of a marketplace, it was only delivering an analysis of the maturity of the topic, not the maturity of the actual marketplace.

What's the difference?

A topic becomes mature when more people understand what it means in a consistent manner. A marketplace becomes mature when people start buying products and solutions that relate to the trend. Our clients always wanted to understand the maturity of a marketplace in culture (e.g. probiotics), but we didn't have the means to deliver against this in the past because our database didn't include an analysis of products and product reviews. It now does.

Search for "probiotics". Source: MotivBase.com

What does this mean for predictions and inflection?

In the past, when you examined a trend, we would remind you that the maturity of the topic preceded the maturity of the market likely by a good 12-24 months. So you needed to pad the predictions and account for the fact that the market may or may not respond as quickly as we might imagine.

Now, with the launch of MotivBase 2.0, we've resolved this issue by providing a measure of the maturity and growth of the marketplace - which means our algorithm doesn't just take into account the maturity with which a topic is understood, but also takes into account the maturity with which consumers now link specific products to these emerging trends. The net result is that we're able to provide you a direct measure of marketplace maturity....not just topic maturity.

This. Is. Big.

It's a huge breakthrough for us, and we are excited to see you benefit from it.

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