We’ve created the world's only AI Anthropologist that can identify and quantify Pain Points based on market potential and consumer price threshold. MotivBase can do this at the category, product level, or even idea-level. And it's all done in seconds.


Identify the most valuable needs consumers are trying to solve. 

Everyday, consumers are revealing millions of pain points in the product reviews they leave online. MotivBase Evolve leverages our proprietary contextual mapping algorithm to analyze, map, cluster and assign value to these consumer-generated need states.

By marrying decades of social science theory with the latest in NLP and AI technology, our system analyzes millions of consumer reviews for millions of products across hundreds of categories. Not only can this reveal the motivational needs of consumers - it allows us to identify how many consumers a need or pain point is relevant to, and prioritize those needs that consumers will pay more for, to solve. 

This is what allows MotivBase to perform an authentic, observational, needs analysis in seconds.  It allows you to identify pain points on demand. Or have our team of PhD researchers deliver in-depth needs research in as little as 3 business days. And yes, if you're a practitioner of the Jobs-To-Be-Done framework, you can use MotivBase Needs to write "job specifications" in minutes. 

Self serve, yet comes with a Ph.D. Concierge.

When you acquire a Motivbase license, you get to choose the level of support you require. We know you're busy. So you can either self-serve with limited support or go all the way to acquire a fully supported license for your team or even organization. 
The key benefit is that our Ph.D. Concierge (team of anthropologists) is able to run in-depth custom Needs Analyses for you that typically require 3-5 business days of work. In the process, they can identify the most dominant need states for your teams in a matter of days, prioritize those that have the biggest market potential and highlight pain points that consumers are willing to pay more to solve in their day-to-day life.

A scalable and scientifically sound method to make sense of product reviews.

Stop relying on analysts to study and decode pain points and needs from product reviews. They are not trained to understand the consumer's intrinsic motivation, and without that context, you could end up focusing on pain points that are either not relevant to enough people, or the right people. MotivBase Needs offers you an anthropological lens to study and decode millions of product reviews in seconds.


If you'd like to learn more, read our white paper on how AI when used in combination with the Social Sciences can help overcome some of the fundamental shortcomings in traditional needs or jobs-to-be-done research methods. 

Read the whitepaper on JTBD

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