the front-end Innovation Process

with Microcultures

Inspire your team with microcultures - the research framework that will transform front-end innovation at your organization.

Invite our CEO and Cultural Anthropologist, Ujwal Arkalgud, to speak to your senior leadership about Microcultures. It will help you create the space needed to transition your organization from an industry-led mindset to one that is purely consumer-led.  

It's not getting any easier out there for innovation decision makers. Markets are fragmenting at an incredible rate. New microcultures are making room for new entrants and competitors while existing solutions are struggling to adapt to the agile and changing reality. Large organizations are still over-researching opportunities using old methods that lose them valuable time. Most predictive methods are still industry driven (based on sales or survey results) and opportunities are often acted upon when it's too late.

Microcultures will help you hit the reset button. It has already helped our clients launch more than 100 new initiatives (on time!), and generate more than $5.9B in new revenue. By exposing your leadership to the methodology and approach, you can inspire them to think like anthropologists and pave the way for a smoother and data driven approach to managing up.


Specifically, Ujwal's sessions will -


  • Help senior leaders see consumers and culture the same way cultural anthropologists do.

  • Arm innovation teams with an actionable toolkit with which to decode the consumer-lens on trends and quantify their value to your business.

  • Reduce your innovation timeline by 50% and bring a more data-driven decision making process into your work stream.

  • Alleviate the stress of innovation by getting the insight right and instead focus more energy on all the fun and creative parts - i.e. Translating the insights into ideas.



Watch the keynote on measuring the volatility of trends


Microcultures is a research and innovation best-seller, written by our co-founders Ujwal Arkalgud and Jason Partridge. It provides a framework that enables an organization to truly embrace the consumer-led mindset and create an approach to the front-end of innovation that significantly reduces the failure rate of new ideas.


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