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Right now, millions and millions of people are revealing what is shaping consumer culture through the billions of interactions they’re having online. Leveraging a social sciences based Natural Language Processing engine, MotivBase analyzes consumer conversations relevant to your search to identify what attitudes and motivations are driving what people say and do.

The Cultural Glossary

Did you know that while there are over 170,000 words in the English language, we only use 3000 of those words to do 95% of the talking? That’s less than 2%. Through over eight years of social sciences research, our team discovered that the same can be said for consumer culture. There are a finite number of attitudes, values, motivations and fears that guide 95% of consumers decisions. Our algorithm finds them on an ongoing basis and identifies the patterns in which these four factors drive consumer interest and decision making around millions of topics and trends.

Increase your Company’s Cultural IQ

Unlike traditional Behavioral Analytics Tools that simply identify patterns about what people are saying and doing, MotivBase is the first and only big data tool capable of identifying, tracking and calculating the dominant cultural factors that shape a marketplace. We don’t just tell you what is happening. We tell you why, who’s driving it, and how far along it is as a trend.

The world’s first comprehensive search engine for consumer insight.

Powered by a Natural Language Processing algorithm that performs a social sciences analysis (ethnographic) on millions and millions of consumer interactions online.

Imagine having your finger

on the pulse of consumer culture


Hidden Consumer Motivations.

Search any topic. Our Natural Language Processing algorithm studies millions of consumer interactions across the web, recognizes billions of topics and their interrelationships, and identifies the dominant attitudes, values, motivations and fears that consumers are revealing about themselves online.


Emerging Trends.

Search any topic and our machine will not only compute the attitudes and motivations that drive that topic, but also extrapolate the total addressable market for that topic and even identify where that topic sits on the inflection curve. In addition, you can also easily compare how consumer attitudes and motivations have changed over the past 12-24 months.



Any Question.

Is the latest thing your boss is obsessed with a fad or a legitimate trend you should be investing in? Is there a way to make your seasonal marketing more meaningful? Is there a way to decrease the scope and focus your upcoming research project? MotivBase puts the answers at your fingertips.


shareable stories

Our NLP algorithm searches the web to link consumer motivations to dominant news articles pertaining to your search topic. So you can provide tangible examples to bring your insights to life. Plus, with MotivBase, you export your workspace to Powerpoint with a click of a button.

How one of the world’s most innovative retailers

is tracking  consumer culture.

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When one of the most innovative retailers in the world wanted to team up with an innovative technology to truly understand consumer culture, what did they do?

 With the rise of digital shopping, advances in home delivery and increased pressure to leverage brands as cultural artifacts to communicate your status in society, the retail landscape is more complex and competitive than ever before.


Target, with more than 18,000 stores, 300,000 employees and 69 billion in revenue was looking for a research tool that could keep pace with our digital economy – and the found it with MotivBase.


The ability to search any topic, and instantly understand the dominant attitudes, values, motivations and fears doesn’t just help them understand stand their consumers – their consumer insight team can track changes that of occurred over the past 18 months to identify shifts in culture are shaping the future of how Americans shop.


This whitepaper, delves into a step-by-step analysis on how MotivBase has been implemented for Target and how it is leveraged by their consumer insights, brand managers and research and development teams. Download the paper now to find out how comprehensive digital market research technology can transform the way you approach innovation, brand communications and how to drive your business forward.

Who is using it?


One Tool. Limitless Potential.

Accelerate Innovation

and R&D projects

One of the most time-consuming parts of the innovation process is building a hypothesis. Who should we be targeting? What is relevant? Why will they care? By simply running queries, and comparing consumer attitudes, values, motivations and fears you can instantly bring focus and clarity to an innovation project, build an internal business case on where and with whom you should target, and get infield sooner to interview consumers on the next big thing your company will bring to market.

Build Better Briefs

Whether you’re a brand marketer or a strategist at an agency, MotivBase provides instant access to the key emotional drivers that will make your programs and brand communications more relevant, and more effective. Whether you are looking to define your target audience, or you want to validate a proposed script or concept, simply search topics to see identify the most important thing that your demographic believes, and what attitudes are shaping their behavior.

Add Cultural Relevance

to the Equation

Considering a new partnership or acquisition? Search MotivBase to see how attitudes towards the category have changed over the past year. Looking launch a new product? Are you ahead of the curve or arriving late to the party? MotivBase provides the cultural context that is missing from most business decisions. Knowledge is power. MotivBase puts this information at your fingertips.

How we created the world’s first

Artificially Intelligent Anthropologist

Almost 10 years ago, our CEO and Cultural Anthropologist Ujwal Arkalgud asked a question – is it possible to take the models and theories that make social science research so powerful and port them into the digital realm. In 2015, he launched MotivIndex, which became the first company to offer big data social science based research to Fortune 500 companies around the world. But with recent advances in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, the question of “can we access consumer motivations and values online” quickly became “can we build a machine to do it a larger scale, with greater accuracy?”


Teaming with some of the most talented developers in North America we began work in 2016 to see if this could be achieved. After almost a decade of theoretical development and more than 2 years of product development and testing, MotivBase is ready for the world.


It’s an Artificially Intelligent Anthropologist. And it performs on-demand ethnographies. Simply search a topic, and it will reveal the cultural forces at play.


There was a time, if you wanted to take a high-quality photograph, you needed to hire a specialist. 

But with the proliferation of the smart phone, and advances in technology, almost anyone can point, click and shoot something incredible.

But how?

First, experts took millions and millions of photos shot by regular people.

They analyzed the most common factors in some of the best photos like brightness, contrast, focus and saturation, to determine how they could teach a computer to learn about what made a photo better.

Today, any consumer can take incredible photos because the machine understands the context and reveals the clearest, most accurate picture ever.

We’ve done the same thing, but instead of analyzing pictures, 

we analyzed consumer culture.

We studied the interactions of over a million people and identified tens of millions of cultural artifacts (nothing but topics and combinations of topics) that people use to convey to the world, who they are, what they believe, and how they action on their beliefs. 

We then taught our MotivBase engine to identify the cultural artifacts or cultural topics conveyed in millions of ongoing consumer interactions online, and organize them into the four factors to deliver instant results. The outcome is a Natural Language Processing engine that constantly identifies new cultural artifacts that fall into these four factors, and allows you to search any topic, and get clear picture of what is driving the culture behind it.

We coded and organized these artifacts to look for patterns, and identified four factors that more than 95% of these artifacts fall into. We call these our cultural factors. These are attitudes, values, fears, and motivations. These four factors allow us to make sense of any topic in consumer culture.

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