AI + Anthropology

There's a better way to look at the future of your industry. It does not require that you rely on the expertise of any single individual/futurist. And it certainly does not involve imagining scenarios.

Tapping into Signals

With a consumer-led approach, those scenarios don't have to be imagined. They're already present in the form of early signals of change that the consumer is already talking about in the broader context of a subject matter.

Decoding Demand

Our technology captures those signals, and then decodes the underlying demand spaces within them, so we can examine and quantify emerging opportunities through a pure consumer-led lens.

Here's how it works 

Instead of ending up with uncertain scenarios that really only function as a way to visualize possible outcomes, you end up with a set of tangible and realistic outcomes that are measurable and trackable. In fact, our projections yield a 80.4% accuracy rate, which is 30% more accurate than any kind of scenario planning you can do.

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