Job description: Senior Software Developer (India)

MotivIndex Inc. is a disruptive research and technology company pioneering the field of big data ethnography (social sciences research). Our tools enable researchers and marketers to identify why consumers behave as they do in order to inform strategic decisions. We are looking for a well-rounded developer to join our team and take ownership of various components. We're a three-year-old successful (profitable!) company with team members spread across North America, parts of Europe, and India. We employ 12 full-time, and over 40 part-time. 

This is a full-time position.

Tech Stack: Python, Angular, C#, SQL Server/SQLite, Azure

We expect the candidate to be strong in at least one of the following areas. Where strength is lacking, there is an ability to learn quickly by doing:


  • Front-End Development: inherit an existing application and own its future. (Angular, ES6, SPAs, Highcharts, Portals)

  • API Development: implement new features, instrument, and automate quality control. (C#, secure Web tech)

  • Natural Language Processing: work with an expert in the field and implement his recommendations. (Python, Spacy, theory)

  • Big Data Processing: transform data on a schedule and process streams of user generated content. (Azure Data Lake Analytics, Powershell, USQL)

  • Cloud and Dev Ops: provision infrastructure, deploy and monitor systems, improve development process. (VSTS, Azure, Git)

  • Experience: 10 years or more.

  • Work environment: You can create your own schedule but will be expected to be available evenings India time Monday - Thursday so you can have meetings when necessary with our team in North America. 


To apply, email us at devjobs(at)motivindex(dot)com.

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