Work with Ujwal Arkalgud

Creator of big data ethnography

Co-founder & ceo of motivbase

After 300 ethnographies in just our first year, here's what we learned

  • You can scale qualitative research online. We did it with our big data ethnography technology. 

  • The best quality consumer conversations online aren't found on the “big 3” platforms.

  • The industry is obsessed with the wrong trends. 

The last one drives us crazy. Why?


Because 95% of innovation teams make the same mistakes. When it comes to future-proofing their business, they get hypnotized by the industry perspective and fail to see how the consumer’s perspective is where they can win. 


Are you following trends? Or are you mapping their growth and trajectory to determine how valuable they are to your business?


We have led the movement for measuring the value of trends for over four years now. Hundreds of companies are already adding hundreds of millions in new revenue using our technology.


While our PhDs are phenomenal at what they do, each quarter, we select a handful of companies that will receive personal oversight from our CEO for the implementation of big data ethnography across their teams.


If you'd like to be one of those companies, apply now. Spots are limited. 



Watch the keynote on measuring the volatility of trends


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