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We are a team of anthropologists. Our technology helps you study the meaning behind everything. 

While everyone else is obsessed with what people are talking about, we're obsessed with what they mean.

More than 70% of the meanings behind words, ideas, and concepts in culture are implied. Less than 30% is expressed.


To truly understand a topic, we need to decode the implicit meanings behind what people talk about. That is what we do with our technology.

Contextual Intelligence

Understanding context is critical to our AI Anthropologist's ability to decode meaning. 

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Consumer-led Futures

How to leverage the consumer's breadcrumbs to identify, quantify, and decode future scenarios. 


Why Meaning Matters

MotivBase is a global research technology company. 
Learn more about our passion, history, and values.
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Why Meaning Matters
Watch our CEO's keynote at TMRE 2021 where he unpacks the concept of 'meaning' and explains why it is so critical to the corporate innovation and foresight function in today's rapidly evolving social and cultural environment.
We're not your typical data science and trend technology
We are a research technology grounded in deep anthropological and post-structural models. Our technology doesn't quantify mentions. It quantifies meaning.
Partner with us to drive transformation
We work with organizations seeking growth not just through the creation of products and solutions, but also through the resolution of social and environmental problems.
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Modeling and measuring the volatility of trends and issues in culture
The industry-led lens casts a distorted image of the growth and value of trends and issues in culture. In this video, our CEO talks about how we can solve this problem by studying and quantifying the language of meaning that consumers create around trends and issues.
Image by Anna Dziubinska

Techniques like human-centered design do a great job of getting to shared habits and rituals but struggle to understand underlying shared meanings that affect how human beings interpret issues and topics.

Image by Grant Jacobson

The words we use in the context of something gives meaning to that something. We all partake in the process of creating and assigning meaning to the world around us.

Image by Sara Kurfeß
How to model the future impact of significant events in culture.
How to go beyond obvious short-term indicators to identify and track the early signals of long-term change.
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